Saturday, September 1, 2012
在衝上雲霄中,每個機組人員都很型格Credit: Katelyn


大多數的飛行員,都是從我身後的機械怪獸訓出來的,也是我最愛的一部遊戲機,它能模擬全世界有民航機到達的機場,跑道,天氣及一切可能出現的變化。今天志宏要不段重複降落赤鱲角機場,赤鱲角的風切變是出名的棘手,而我的要求是無論什麼狀況,降落的hard crash不能超出1.2G,乘客才不會有太大的震盪。SAM
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
三位空姐在通宵拍攝Three flight attendant shooting overnight.
Coco's safety announcement.
Monday, August 27, 2012
Meet again after 9 years, this time being rival with my idol, shooting Triumph in the Skies 2.
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chilam Cheung a more handsome pilot than Francis Ng

Super gorgeous Julian Cheung and female costar Fala Chen, a file couple for the drama. 

TVB grand production Triumph in the Skies II has already started shooting. Yesterday pilot Chilam Cheung drove punk girl Fala Chen in a Jaguar sports car for the shooting of a scene near the airport. In the series, the two will have a romantic storyline in the sky and Fala's role will eventually become a pilot as well. Yesterday, they were shooting the scene where Fala decides she wants to become a pilot.

Shooting under the bitter heat, what's more important to Chilam is to stay handsome. Dressed in a tidy pilot uniform and dark shades, Chilam was seen in the sports car talking on the phone and looking very hot. As for Fala, her appearance differed from her usual beautiful girl look. She put on black eyeliner, leather jacket, spiky bracelet and a neck chain. This punk girl took her camera and constantly took pictures everywhere and shouted: "Sky, I'm coming!"

When Fala was shooting the shouting scene, Chilam went to see her performance and although he took off his pilot jacket, he still looked very handsome posing with his hands in his pockets. Chilam joins TITS2 and competes with 'Sam Gor' Francis Ng on being handsome. It was said many people thinks Chilam is hotter than Francis? Chilam smiled embarrassingly and then promptly replied: "Crazy! Who said that?" Fala, standing next to him, couldn't hold in her laughter either.

Strives for Opportunity to Sing Theme Song

Also, Fala just released her debut album and has been busy shooting and promoting her album. Yesterday morning, she and her boss Herman Ho were on a radio interview together. It was rumored that this is Fala's first and final album since there has been lack of promotions for her album, her songs haven't made it on the song charts and she made objections to her boss earlier. On the radio interview, Fala and Herman clarified the rumors together. Fala laughed and said she's happy people are paying attention to her album, but she's already used to the negative news and just as long as she knows the truth, then that's enough. She is most pleased with the current album sales.

As for Fala's songs haven't made it on the charts? Herman explained its caused by the 'traffic jam' since there had been several heavyweight singers that released their albums prior to Fala's album. At this point in time, it is the down time for newcomers. When asked about the lack of promotions? Herman said it's primarily due to schedule conflicts because singers have to make time to go on radio stations for promotions, but Fala is currently focused on shooting series. Herman expressed after Fala completes TITS2, there are plans for her to hold a mini concert and the company will strive to get Fala the opportunity to sing the series theme song. Herman hopes to have Fala do a duet with Chilam.

Juliet: In hopes of theme please let Eason Chan. Fala is not a choice for grand production, but a duet for the two will be cute.