Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boscolie ended their seven years relationship due to long seperations

First, I find it odd that Virginia Lok wants to address the break-up issue right when Bosco's series getting well ratings and Myolie's series about to be released... Seriously, she should of just let Myolie comfirmed herself.

Second, Bosco and Myolie has been seperated for months without reuniting or attending any promotions or events with each other. Then again, Myo is away for 6 more months filming Triumph in the Skies so adds up the total of over half a year.

Third, (I'm being paranoid, ig) shooting intimating scenes with Kevin Cheng in Ghetto Justice 2, butt slapping and agressive kissing; dropping you hints.

Fourth, the press conference is today, let see her clarifies everything. Who to blame? I'm on Bosco's side fully. He stayed loyal, she became TV queen and excepts way too many work, though again it's not her fault that she wants money and opportunities. I just wish she saved some times for love. But I'll be patient with her words.

查小欣: The break up is a consensus from both side, there's no third party. Seperations can still be friends.

this is way, way back before they even dated. :) A little bts from Triumph in the Skies.


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