Thursday, July 19, 2012

Triumph in the Skies 2 Press Conference


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After 9 years since Triumph in the Skies, the sequel Triumph in the Skies II is finally starting. Yesterday Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Rebecca Zhu, Elena Kong and the rest of the cast attended the press conference.

Back then, there were rumors that Francis Ng was displeased with Myolie, but yesterday they chatted happily. Francis even teased that Myolie looks fatter than before. He also said to Ron: "You came early!" indirectly criticizing that he used to be late to work. Ron expressed: "Francis and I still have a brotherly relationship, but I'm no longer the young man 10 years ago, our relationship evolved into a friendship and we get along more comfortably."

Francis hasn't been in a TVB series for many years, he smiled and said: "I'm getting a huge raise." He also denied the rumor that he was delaying TITS2 from starting. It was said TVB is relying on him to save the lack of Siu Sangs? Francis expressed: "Wah! I have a lot of Siu Sangs behind me!" He is not worried about working with newcomers, but he fears he may break his promise and come late to work. Francis exposed back when he was shooting TITS, he had a naughty idea to get out of work. Because shooting was too exhausting, he and the others played 'rock paper scissors' to see who would have to pretend to be sick, so they can get a day off from work. At the time, Myolie was still a newcomer, so she didn't participate and had to get to work early.

Chilam sets the next 6 months aside to shoot TITS2 and has turned down several opportunities to shoot in Mainland, losing quite a bit of money. He frankly expressed he accepted this series to return a favor, because back then, executive Tommy Leung, casted him in Cold Blood Warm Heart and got him a lot more job opportunities. This time, he's playing a senior pilot and plans to use clothing from his own personal wardrobe, which is worth about 6 figures. When asked if he's paying TVB, instead of TVB paying him? Chilam laughed: "Because of Tommy, doing it for the audience, no choice, I'm just too good friends with Tommy."

Myolie plays two roles in the series. She exposed Zoe will only appear in the first two episodes and then she dies. Her other role is a tomboy, who works in aircraft maintenance. The producer asked her to cut her hair short for the role, but Myolie is reluctant to give up her current haircut, but for the sake of work, she will accept it.

In the series Fala gets into a love triangle with Francis and Chilam, but she doesn't know who she'll end up with yet. Fala said her development with Francis starts off as a bickering pair, while Chilam is the charming pilot who has a romantic storyline with her. She's unsure if there are any kiss scenes, she laughed: "Perhaps when we get to France, in the romantic atmosphere, we'll go for a light kiss. I'm not too worried since there's a television scale."

Kenneth Ma develops a 'sister-brother love' with Elena Kong. He expressed in reality he does not mind this type of relationship, women does not necessarily need men to take care of her, it could be vice versa. He also said he can accept a girlfriend 20 years older than him too, but he never been in such a relationship before.

TITS2's blessing ceremony is scheduled to take place on July 24th and filming officially starts on July 26th. Filming will go on for 6 months, and filming locations will be in London, Paris, Hainan and Taiwan.


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